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Get A Taste Of Bitcoin Mining While You Have Fun With Rollercoin

How hard could it be to plug a few machines in and let them do the work while you chill and get paid? Well, much more challenging than it seems. Bitcoin mining is not for everyone.

In fact, its increasingly centralized nature shows how the players that have been at it for a while have advantages that they worked hard to earn. These might prove to difficult to crack if you are just a beginner.

But you can still get a glimpse of what the world of Bitcoin mining looks like with Rollercoin. 

Experience Bitcoin Mining Through Rollercoin

This project has gamified the Bitcoin mining experience like no other game before it. Rollercoin has every element of Bitcoin mining right there on the screen for you, but instead of having to make an initial investment to get into the game, all you need is to sign up and start playing. 

Rollercoin Pays Out Real Money!

For those of you who read the game part and are wondering what the incentive is to play besides having a good time, you should know that Rollercoin pays.

Rollercoin Game Bitcoin Wallet
That is real Bitcoin that you can withdraw from your Rollercoin game wallet!

Gamifying Bitcoin mining without real payouts is pointless, so here is what you can expect out of the game in terms of payouts:

  • Each block mined within the game comes with a block reward, just like in the real world
  • Rollercoin has you competing for block rewards that come out every 10 minutes
  • Current block rewards appear on the website 
  • There is also a difficulty gauge that lets you know just how hard you need to work to get a good chance at that block reward
  • The website also has a counter that tells you the total amount of Bitcoin distributed by the game
One of our feable attempts to accumulate more power to mine more Bitcoin on Rollercoin. We bet you will be better at this game than we are!

How can I Play Rollercoin?

If you are interested in the reward or just want to see how complex Bitcoin mining can be without making a ridiculous investment, then just sign up. Here is what you need to do to start playing Rollercoin:

  • Signup with your email or Facebook account
  • Customize your character
  • Start playing, completing as many side missions and tasks as the game gives you to increase your mining power
  • Once you get rewards you can either withdraw or use them to keep enhancing your mining operation

Rollercoin is as Real as a Bitcoin Mining Game can Be!

So, what exactly does the game ask you to do to increase your mining power and get paid? Basically, solve problems that miners in the real world have. Apart from the side-missions, here are the tasks that you will have to complete within the game to compete for greater mining power:

  • Mining center repairs
  • Pay electricity bills
  • Deal with the temperature of your mining center
  • Rent
  • Repairs

Rollercoin: The Game Within the Game!

There are also a variety of retro-style games you can play within Rollercoin to get power and other rewards. This makes Rollercoin even more engaging and allows you to get your mind off the Bitcoin mining aspect of it if you want a break.

Rollercoin Game Vintage
Remember this kind of game? On Rollercoin you can play it and others like it to accumulate more power for your Bitcoin mining operation

Time to Play Rollercoin for Real Bitcoin!

Now that you know exactly how Rollercoin works, it is time to signup and start playing! The game is as real a Bitcoin mining emulation as you could get.

You will be investing time and dedication, just like real life miners. The difference is that you will be having lots of fun while you are at it and you will not require a single Satoshi of initial investment.

So, just get your mining operation going on Rollercoin and beat everyone else out for those block rewards with your concentrated PoW – Power of Will!

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