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There are many cash back programs out there for shoppers. Most of them give you cash back in fiat, but what if you would like to get your cash back in Bitcoin?

Stacking sats with a cashback program on your purchases is not only a wise idea. It might also be much more profitable than getting your cash back in fiat. That is exactly what Lolli figured out, effectively becoming the first Bitcoin cashback app for your online shopping.

Lolli Over Other Rewards Programs offers more rewards than traditional cashback programs

Lolli is a great option to stack sats, but it is an overall wonderful platform for various reasons:

  • Compared to other online cashback platforms like Rakuten, Lolli can give you more cash back as a percentage of your purchase. Up to 27% back!
  • Lolli can encourage more people to use Bitcoin, since the purchases themselves are done like any other regular online purchase
  • Since Bitcoin tends to appreciate, the cashback can end up being worth significantly more in the future, so it encourages people to hodl

At Which Stores Does Lolli Offer Rewards?

There are already 900 online retailers that offer Bitcoin as cash back through and they are adding more all the time. Some of the merchants already available are:

lolli merchants offering bitcoin cashback
Earn crypto rewards and cash back at more than 900 online stores thanks to

How Does Lolli Work?

Lolli is also seamless. It works through an extension on your browser when you install it on your desktop. Lolli has extensions for the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

If you want to shop on your phone, you should access your Lolli account through the browser on your mobile device. Then you can go to the store of your choice through the link provided on the website. Lolli is currently working on deploying an app to make your mobile shopping experience as seamless as your desktop shopping experience. On the desktop, as long as the Lolli extension is installed and working, you can go to your store of choice directly on the same browser and Lolli will register the sale.

Installing Lolli

The Lolli extension is easy to install. Just head right over to Lolli’s website and follow the instructions. You will be asked to do the following:

  1. Click on the button to download the extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  2. Once you download, it will ask you to sign in. You can do so with your email or your Facebook account.
  3. After you sign in, you will be able to click on shop and go to a menu with all the stores with which Lolli has an agreement. You will be able to see how much ash back each gives you.
lolli chrome browser extension
Install the browser extension
lolli firefox browser extension
Browse stores available for cashback
lolli safari browser extension
Lolli activates your rewards and you can shop online as usual and Lolli will credit your Bitcoin directly into your account ready to withdraw whenever you want

Crypto Cashback

Once you start shopping with your Lolli extension active or from the link on Lolli’s site if you are on your mobile device, your account will start stacking sats with cash back. Stores will send Lolli your purchase confirmation, and you will see a Bitcoin amount credited to your account. This amount is an estimate and it will not be immediately available. Once the cash back amount is confirmed, you can withdraw it to a wallet of your choice. You can choose to withdraw your fund in fiat for a $0.25 USD fee, or BTC for the average applicable fee at the time of withdrawal.

lolli activates rewards at participating stores
Lolli lets you know if rewards are available

Lolli automatically detects if you’re shopping at a participating store and popup to let you know tht you can claim cash back.

Keep in mind that Lolli must wait until the return date of your purchase has passed to credit your account fully, at the correct fiat to Bitcoin exchange rate. This is Lolli’s policy to prevent fraud. It also reflects how Lolli works under the hood. Lolli does not use your personal information or data as a source of income. Instead, it gives you a cash back amount out of the commission it gets for sending traffic to the places where you shop. As such, Lolli is in line with the philosophy of most Bitcoin users who cherish their privacy and are always looking for a service that will protect their data.

Start Stacking Sats with Lolli!

Now that you know how it works and you are aware of all of the advantages you will benefit from, it is time to start stacking sats with Lolli. This service is way better than similar fiat cash back services because it respects your data and gives you better cash back rates in a superior currency. If you shop online, you should definitely try it out!

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