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Cryptosteel Bitcoin Backup

One of the most challenging aspects of modern life, is to secure our data and to keep the passwords with which we secure it, safe.

We know that anything that is on our computer is vulnerable, especially when it comes our Bitcoin private keys, even if they are encrypted. That leaves us with the classic option of writing our passwords down. But what if that piece of paper gets wet or burns? This is precisely the problem that Cryptosteel aimed to solve. Here is a little background on the company and its wonderful complement to any digital security mechanism you might have in place.

Cryptosteel: The Origins

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Proper decentralization requires you to keep your own private keys. Cryptosteel took on the challenge of creating a product that can safeguard those private keys in the most resilient manner possible. In 2013, an expert metal worker decided to use his knowledge to create this kind of product. In 2015 the project was successfully crowdfunded, and since 2017, mainstream media started covering what Cryptosteel was doing.

Cryptosteel Products

Since it was launched, Cryptosteel has shipped its products to over 100 different countries. All these products are made in house with the user in mind. Cryptosteel offers the following products to keep your private keys safe from calamity as well as malicious actors:

  • Cryptosteel cassette – a metal card-like device that allows you to align metal letters within it to spell out your private keys. The cassette has a sliding cover to keep your private keys out of the public eye and it is fire resistant.
cryptosteel cassette review
Cryptosteel cassette with letters for mnemonic
  • Cryptosteel capsule – an improved product that strings letter tiles together inside a bullet-proof capsule. This capsule allows you to hide your passwords better because even if the tiles are exposed, the passwords or private keys are not legible at a glance. It is also easier to carry and less conspicuous than the Cryptosteel cassette.
cryptosteel capsule review
The new Capsule from Cryptosteel

A Great Product Fit for the Bitcoin Era!

Although Cryptosteel products have some limitations – the length of a key or password that can be stored within each device is limited – they are the gold standard in the industry when it comes to keeping critical data safe. The integrity of that data will be practically guaranteed in case of almost every calamity out there. There is no doubt that Cryptosteel is vastly superior to paper and is one of the best devices to keep your digital data safe in the Bitcoin era.

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