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BitKong Game Review

There’s nothing like a King Kong-inspired game, based on the minesweeper genre and powered by Bitcoin.

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Just add a little spice with the opportunity to gamble with Bitcoins, along with immediate payouts and live results from around the world and you get one of the most entertaining Bitcoin games out there: BitKong.

This game is just so entertaining that you forget how simple it is. When you play a few rounds, you might even forget just how iconic this game is as well. Here is everything you need to know about this amazing Bitcoin classic.

BitKong Genesis

BitKong was in fact one of the first games to use Bitcoin and many of the features that the world’s first cryptocurrency had to offer.

Established in 2009 (according to its website), BitKong became an institution for Bitcoin enthusiasts. The game is quite simple.

These are its features:

  • Provably fair gaming
  • Immediate payouts
  • Anonymous play – sign in only requires an email
  • Simple 9 level board with a maximum of 36 squares (4 per level) and a minimum of 18 squares (2 per level)
  • The number of squares depends on the difficulty of the game
  • A bet dial
bitkong bitcoin casino game
BitKong bitcoin casino gameplay

How to Play BitKong?

Playing BitKong is easy and entertaining. Here are the steps you must follow to start stacking sats on this legendary game:

  • Sign in – click on the sign in button, get an email code, enter that code and you’re ready to go
  • Go to the game and set your bet
  • Set your difficulty level by clicking on the coconut icon just beside the play button
  • There are 5 levels of difficulty: avocado (easy), coconut (medium), banana (hard), pineapple (extreme), and pomegranate (nightmare)
  • On easy, 3 out of 4 squares on a row pay out and allow you to advance. On medium it is 2 out of 3; hard 1 out of 2; extreme 1 out of 3; nightmare 1 out of 4
  • The board will give you the pay out at every level
  • To start, just click on one of the 4 squares on the first row
  • If you get an avocado, coconut, banana, pineapple or pomegranate, you can either cash out or try your luck stepping on a square on the next row
  • If you get a poop, then you lost, and you must start over again
  • Remember, you can cash out whenever you want before you take the next step
  • The minimum bet to get started is just 10 sats

Pay out potential will increase as you advance to the next level. The juiciest pay out is on the last level, if you can get through all of the previous ones by stepping on coconuts only.

BitKong Bonuses and Free Faucet

Apart from these great features, BitKong offers a plethora of bonuses, faucet options and even a jackpot. These are all based on the game’s ranking structure.

You accumulate points every time you play. There are 5 different ranks:

  • Adventurer – your starting rank
  • Hero – once you accumulate 1,000,000 points
  • Master – from 10,000,000 points
  • Legend – accumulate 100,000,000 points and become a legend
  • King – rule all the ranks when you get 1,000,000,000 points

Once you start playing and ranking, you will be able to get better rewards as you go up the ranks. All bonuses and jackpot opportunities depend on your rank.

Here are some of the BitKong bonuses and faucets you can take advantage of at any rank:

  • Cash back bonuses – every 24 hours according to the following schedule: Hero 0.05%; Master 0.1%; Legend 0.15%; King 0.3%
  • Magic chests – silver, gold and black – that you can obtain depending on the number of points you accumulate:
    • Silver chests come with between 100 and 10,000 points
    • Gold chests contain between 1,000 and 100,000 points
    • Black chests can carry between 10,000 and 1,000,000 points
  • A refill bonus of 50%, 100%, or 150% depending on what you want. These bonuses have different wager requirements
  • Faucets that are only available for players that don’t use a VPN, proxy or incognito mode
    • The Happy Weekend and Funky hour faucets are available for players who have the rank of Master or higher
    • That standard faucet gives a reward of 2 points every 10 minutes. You can claim once you reach 2,500,000 points
bitkong weekly bonuses
BitKong weekly leaderboard bonuses

BitKong Jackpot

The BitKong jackpot is the icing on the cake. After you claim all the bonuses and faucet rewards you can and accumulate more points moving up the ranks, you can compete for your share of the huge BitKong jackpot while you play to score the standard wins.

bitkong game jackpot
Win the HUGE BitKong jackpot

Here is how that jackpot works:

  • Depending on the size of your bet, you can win either 1%, 10% or 100% of the jackpot
  • You hit a jackpot when the first 7 digits on the hash from your first row bet are 77 77 77 7
  • The jackpot pays out $1 per 100 jackpot points

The Joy of Playing BitKong

So, there you have it. BitKong is one of the most legendary games in the space. It has been rolling since 2009, making money for many people around the world. Now you can also stack your sats while you have fun playing this iconic Bitcoin game.

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