Rui Gomes

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Rui Gomes is a a Lead Software Engineer at OpenNode and also a indie Lightning Maker working on

Bitcoin simultaneously is a freedom tool and also sound money.

Rui Gomes

What was your work experience before cryptocurrency?

I’ve been a Software Engineer working on multiple tech startups, helping them scale by building systems and processes that enabled them to grow into millions of users.

How did you get involved in Bitcoin?

I’ve been aware of Bitcoin for some time but only decided to dive deep into the Bitcoin rabbit hole since I started working on OpenNode.

Describe Bitcoin in a sentence

Bitcoin is freedom money.

What do you love most about Bitcoin?

Its censorship resistance and the supply limit. Bitcoin simultaneously is a freedom tool and also sound money.

What dangers do you see facing Bitcoin?

Governments actively trying to destroy it, whether they do it through strict on and off ramps control or by controlling the mining side of things.

What is your prediction for Bitcoin over the next years?

Bitcoin’s scarcity is going to become more and more apparent in the next halvings, which is going to have an effect on it’s price. Adoption by countries that suffer of hyper inflation will continue to happen in large scale and eventually mass adoption will allow the world to transaction using a single type of money, the soundest money that ever existed.

What are you working on currently?

OpenNode and

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