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Aawesh Dahiya Bitcoin


Aawesh has always been a pioneer, and early technology adopter in several fields. He holds a BTech – Electronics & Masters in Intl Business. He has over 15 years of experience in IT, Telecoms & Electronics. An inquisitive spirit, Aawesh dove into game-changing blockchain technology early, accumulating enough knowledge and expertise on the subject to become the founder of the Blockchain Centre in India. He is currently the CEO of the Blockchain Centre India– Part of the world’s largest Blockchain community with 17 centres around world. Aawesh has been a speaker at many international conferences on blockchain & emerging technologies.

Bitcoin will replace gold as a safe haven asset for both corporations and consumers

Aawesh Dahiya

What was your work experience before cryptocurrency?

Telecom VAS services & Network Indrastructure on Fiber optics.

How did you get involved in Bitcoin?

With some investment in Bitcoin that raised my eyebrow and curiosity to learn this.

Describe Bitcoin in a sentence

A digital currency, which enables 100% decentralized digitally based transactions.

What do you love most about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin community love and patronage brings attraction always.

What dangers do you see facing Bitcoin?

Scams due to lower community awareness.

What is your prediction for Bitcoin over the next years?

Bitcoin will replace gold as a safe haven asset for both corporations and consumers.

What are you working on currently?

Not for Profit Blockchain Centre to strengthen the Blockchain ecosystem through education, marketing & cross border collaborations.

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