Delta Crypto Portfolio App

Delta Description

Delta is one of the most comprehensive cryptocurrency market trackers. Not only is it available on virtually any device possible from desktops to mobile devices, but it also covers a wide range of data and allows users to filter it in a myriad of ways. Deltagathers information on more than 3,000 currencies, covering more than 200 exchanges. Additionally, it allows cryptocurrency investors to keep track of ICOs and news as it happens.

Delta: Online Version

Before you download the app or install Delta on your desktop, you can catch a glimpse of what you will be getting online. On Delta’s website you can access a basic market tracker that shows all the cryptocurrencies the app tracks, on a classic table. That table gives you the following information: Coin rank, name, market cap, current price, 24-hour price change, 24-hour volume, and circulating supply. You can also change the default time frame from 24 hours to 1 hour or 1 week. You can click on any coin on the table to get more in-depth data about that coin, including charts, market outlook information, information on developer teams and links to more data sources about that particular cryptocurrency.

Delta App

Once you download the app to your desktop or mobile device, you will be able to customize your cryptocurrency market tracking activities. The goal of the app is to allow users to keep track of their own portfolios, news updates and ICOs they might be interested in. The app allows you to:

  • Set up alerts to manage your personal portfolio.
  • Get trading analytics on multiple portfolios.
  • Connect with different wallets and exchanges.
  • Personalize your notifications.
  • Denominate your portfolio in 5 different fiat currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP and CAD.
  • View trade history analysis.
  • Create multiple portfolios – Delta PRO feature.
  • Sync your data across multiple devices – Delta PRO users are allowed to sync 5 devices while the free version allows you to sync 2.
  • Delta direct allows developer teams to connect directly with app users to deliver their message directly to the users.
Screenshot from the Delta website showing some of the features the app offers

Other Delta Features

Delta also offers an API that allows you to get data from 98% of exchanges (based on volume), more than 500 news providers, and more than 10 years of historical market data. The API option comes with full support from an account manager and the possibility of customizing your solution.  

All these features make Delta one of the top cryptocurrency market trackers and a great option for you to keep track of your portfolio across different devices.

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