Coin360 Map and Cryptocurrency Capitalization

Coin360 Description

With thousands of cryptocurrencies listed on hundreds of exchanges, keeping track of essential information in the market is a complex endeavor. Coin360 makes it easier thanks to its focus on infographics and the way it presents data to cover the most important aspects of the market. Coin360 allows users to customize the way the data is presented to them and the kind of data that they want to see on their screen.

Coin360 Coin Maps

The most iconic data display that Coin360 offers, is its coin map. This map presents cryptocurrency market information using visual elements to represent market values, and key pieces of data about each coin embedded within those visual elements. The map shows the following information:

  • Blocks within blocks, each one representing a coin within larger blocks that group coins according to hashing algorithm categories.
  • Coin ticker symbols, along with richer data that can be customized. Default maps show prices in USD, and price change – expressed as a percentage – over a period of time.
  • Color code to identify easily which coin prices are higher or lower over a desired period of time.
Hovering on the Coin360 coinmap gives more detailed data including trade volume, change and marketcap

Coin360 Coin Maps: Additional Features

Additionally, users can explore more layers of data about each coin with a simple mouse-over or with a click. The mouse-over feature prompts a small graph on the screen, which has data about the 24-hour volume of the coin, its market cap, its 30-day price change expressed as a percentage of current price and the mining algorithm of the coin.

If a user is interested in richer data, they can click on the coin block on the screen. That takes them to a window in which they can see a full-scale chart with more features to explore price, volume and market cap throughout extended periods of time.

Coin360: Customizing the Display

Users can personalize their coin maps further by tweaking 7 different variables. There is an equalizer icon that allows users to set their preferences on the coin map to keep track of different aspects of the market. Users can choose the following options on each variable to customize their coin maps:

  • Display on map – Choose between displaying coins, tokens, or coins and tokens.
  • Top – Set your coin map to follow all the coins in the market, the top 200 in terms of price gains or the bottom 200 in terms of price gains.
  • Period – Keep track of coin performance throughout a customized time period, the last 7 days, the last day or the last hour.
  • Base currency – Track price gains and losses in 7 different currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, CNY, BTC, ETH and EOS.
  • Block Size – Set the block size on your coin map to reflect either the market cap of the coins or their trading volume.
  • Market cap – When you turn the auto-update feature off, you can play with the market cap range feature, to explore the performance of coins within specific market cap ranges. Once the market cap range is set, you can toggle auto-updates on, and the coin map will keep track of coins within the pre-determined range.
  • Hide from map – This allows you to exclude certain coins from your customized coin map.

Coin360 API, Social Media Sharing and Widget

Coin360 allows users to share their personalized maps on social media and through a widget. Coin360 also launched an API in February 2019 to provide up to date information to its users on various devices. With these features, users can share and have access to the most updated market data. They can benefit from feedback from other people on social media or decide on their holdings in seconds thanks to the availability of relevant information.

Coin360: Turn Around, Zoom In and Out, and Zero In on Great Opportunities!

Coin360 achieves something that no other data gathering service can in the cryptocurrency market. It really works like a sphere with information all around it: You can turn it around anyway you want it; zoom in or out to get more or less details; and focus on the data that will allow you to make the decisions you need to make in a split second to capitalize on your holdings.

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