Tim Pool Highlights Bitcoin Advantages Inadvertently

Tim Pool dropped a nugget of gold on his listeners this morning. In a clip talking about Covid lockdowns and their economic consequences, Pool mentioned that 23.6% of USD in existence were printed this year. He also highlighted the role of Bitcoin in an inflationary system where government chooses winners and losers.

Tim Pool Inadvertently Pushes Bullish Sentiment on Bitcoin

While pointing out how anti lockdown activists and restaurant owners in Michigan and New York are fighting against the Democrats in power, Pool made the point for BTC.

He argued the following:

  • State and local governments – especially Democrats in power – are choosing winners and losers in the traditional economy
  • Their policies are putting more money in the pockets of multinational corporations
  • These policies hurt small business owners and their employees
  • They also lead to higher levels of inflation
  • That gives the rich an advantage: they can hedge themselves with Bitcoin or gold and then buy everything back for pennies on the Dollar
When the government prints money, inflation burns through your savings. Time for a hedge?

Inflation: Bitcoin’s Best Friend?

Without getting into the political side of this clip, it is important to highlight how Bitcoin was built for this situation:

  • Satoshi was especially aware of the effects of money printing schemes – the message on the Genesis block proves it
  • BTC is clearly part of the solution at least – since the response to the 2008-09 economic melt down
  • Government excess is pervasive; Bitcoin allows everyone to hedge themselves from it and protect their freedoms

Restaurant owners and all the ordinary people who are suffering the brunt of these failed government policies in the US and elsewhere around the world, should be hedging themselves if they haven’t yet.

The restaurants that will survive are going to hike prices. Will you be able to afford it?

Inflation and hyper-inflationary monetary policy are Bitcoin’s best friend, and BTC can become your lifeline!

Adjust for Inflation!

That is part of the reason why we think the current Bitcoin bull run is far from over. We still haven’t reached an inflation adjusted all time high on BTC prices.

Think about this:

  • 23.6% of all US Dollars in circulation came online this year during the pandemic, thanks to stimulus bills
  • That sounds an awful lot like what Satoshi warned about on the Genesis block
  • Now even Tim Pool – not a BTC advocate – thinks the rich are going to buy Bitcoin and gold due to inflationary pressures
  • Many are doing it already, including publicly traded corporations that have nothing to do with crypto
  • More wealthy people have more money in their pockets, and they know their fiat is depreciating!
If Tim Pool suspects rich people are going to flock into BTC, then you should consider it to. Bitcoin can be your lifesaver!

Take your Place on Bitcoin’s Ark!

If the market is so flooded with US Dollars, which are going into the hands of some of the most capable money managers in the world, and ordinary people are left out, what do you think might happen?

Furthermore, if Tim Pool is already telling us the rich might buy gold or BTC because they see hyper inflation coming, what are you doing with your own money to protect yourself?

Beyond the advantages that our favorite orange coin can give you in such a situation, you should assess your personal situation and protect yourself as much as you can.

There is no doubt that the traditional monetary system underpinned by centralized, inflationary fiat, has a breaking point. Be aware of that!