The Stacking Sats Hack You Are Missing Out On

You can stack Sats in more ways than just one. But what if we told you that there is a way to get even more cash back with a stacking Sats hack on each purchase using the same apps you have now?

This is how you can supercharge your effort using two of the most popular apps to get electronic P2P cash back on each purchase.

Combine and Conquer!

This stacking Sats hack is easy to follow. Using Fold to buy gift cards with Bitcoin, and then Lolli to spend the money from the gift card through the browser extension, you could get many more Sats back.

The beauty of this is that there shouldn’t be any conflict between the apps. One of them sells you a gift card and pays you when you use it – Fold – while the other pays you when you spend through its browser extension – Lolli.

Does this Stacking Sats Hack Work?

Full disclosure: we have never tried it before. But if you want to go ahead, the attempt should be completely harmless even if it fails.

Stacking More Sats by Combining Fold and Lolli

The next step is to understand which merchants are on both apps. This is where the hack gets a little thin. There is only one common merchant between both apps so far:

Nevertheless, this is bound to change as Fold and Lolli become more popular. Both apps will expand their merchant list, and, in the process, you might find more overlap between them.

Furthermore, both Fold and Lolli are expected to expand their global reach. This will create more opportunities for overlap in different countries.

Stacking Sats Hack in the US Only, For Now!

Right now, Lolli only operates in the US, while Fold has just a few deals with merchants in Canada and elsewhere around the world. Therefore, we believe that the expansion is coming, which could bring this stacking Sats hack to your home country before you expect it. 

How Long Will you be Able to Double Dip?

This means that Stacking Sats on both apps at the same time will become more common. As this process becomes more common there is a chance that merchants will put a stop to it. 

There is also a chance that when they negotiate future deals, both Fold and Lolli will request exclusivity from their merchants as well. This might hamper your double dipping Bitcoin cash back endeavors, but that shouldn’t happen before you can take advantage of this stacking Sats hack. 

Watch Out for More Fold and Lolli Stacking Sats Hack Opportunities

You should keep up with the updates coming from both apps, so you know when the next opportunity arises. It might happen in a country outside of the US, or it might happen through a popular merchant that you like.

Either way, we will make sure to keep you updated on how this stacking Sats hack develops. We will also keep you up to date with any other such opportunity that emerges.

Just make sure you are following us, and we will bring all the tricks we find to earn more Bitcoin, right to your screen!

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