The Dumbest Crypto Tweet Award

Who takes Twitter seriously? Apparently, Trump, his supporters, his detractors, and the crypto space. That is why it was just a matter of time until someone came up with yet another creative way to laugh at some of the most awkward, ridiculous and of course, the dumbest crypto tweets out there. Dumbest Crypto Tweet Award collects some of the most outrageously stupid tweets in the space. In doing so, it points out just how dumb some tweets can be, and it brings Twitter back down to where it is supposed to be: a tool to propagate short ideas that should always be taken with a grain of salt and a ton of humor!

How Does the Dumbest Crypto Tweet Award Work?

If you agree that the dumbest crypto tweets deserve an award, or they simply deserve to be highlighted, you can “nominate” them by tagging the Dumbest Crypto Tweet Award handle. You can also nominate a tweet if you think a dumb tweet can be funny. After all, the rules for nominating a tweet are simple: make sure the tweets you nominate are crypto-related and are stupid.

Maybe if this Twitter account grows, apart from being entertaining, it could actually do a great service to the crypto community. Poking fun and shaming some of the most atrocious crypto tweets out there, could elevate the quality of the conversations about this subject on Twitter. No space needs this more that crypto – well, an argument can be made to the effect that the Trump-sphere might actually need it more, but we don’t care about politics!

Nominate Those Dumb Crypto Tweets!

So, just go ahead, nominate the dumbest crypto tweets you can find for an award and see who else makes the list. You will be surprised to see how much “prominent” people in the space get mocked. You might also be able to poke fun or expose stupidity without getting sued by those who take Twitter too seriously, when you nominate a dumb crypto tweet for this unusual, yet highly amusing award!

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