Police In South Africa Raid Cheri Marks Ward’s House

Breaking news to those of you who are following the Mirror Trading International scam. The police in South Africa raided Cheri Ward’s house.

Cheri Ward – who is also known as Cheri Marks – is the Head of Communications and Marketing at MTI. She played a crucial role in the growth of this scam.

Cheri Ward’s Message Before Police Confiscated Her Devices

The FSCA – South Africa’s market conduct regulator for financial institutions – reportedly raided Ward’s mansion in Durban on October 26th, 2020. Agents took computers, cell phones and other devices, but did not arrest Ward yet.

A recent picture from Cheri Ward’s Facebook profile. She has also posted pictures of her $1.23 million USD mansion in Durban

It seems that she managed to record and release a message before the police took away her device. The voice in the recording does appear to be Cheri Ward’s voice.

What we Know From Cheri Ward’s Recording

The head of MTI’s Communication and Marketing department said the following on the message she recorded:

  • 15 police officers raided her house while she was having breakfast with her children and a friend
  • Police took all the computers, cell phones and documentation
  • Apparently, the prosecutor was present during the raid
  • Ward claims that the prosecutor/FSCA official applied for and got the seizure order on Friday
  • That clearly surprised Ward, who proceeded to mention people relevant to the case
  • She also claims that this FSCA official went to MTI offices and witnessed trades
If you were an MTI executive, you could cap your rags to riches story by designing an amazing mansion and building it on the beach!
  • In the recording, Ward claims that the authorities will not find any new information on trades or MTI funds
  • According to the Mirror Trading International executive, they disclosed all the information to authorities already
  • Ward claims that MTI is still trading, and the corporation is still running as usual
  • She claims that customers will be able to withdraw their funds
  • Cheri Ward goes on to say that this is a media stunt and that no one should stress about it

We cannot corroborate these claims. But we know that the authorities in South Africa should have enough reasons to investigate this scam.

Cheri Ward is a Sharp Communications Officer

The other fact we must acknowledge is that Cheri Ward knows what she is doing. Not only has she managed to peddle this scam successfuly. She also knew she had to get ahead of the scandal and make sure the public heard her message first.

Nevertheless, that message will not buy Mirror Trading International too much time. We have good reason to believe their operation is a scam; now the authorities will be able to find out exactly how MTI operates.