The World’s Longest List of Reasons Bitcoin is Great

Bitcoin is a revolutionary system that will influence many aspects of our lives. It is one of the most meaningful inventions of our time and it deserves the praise it gets. 

Self deprecating Bitcoin humor!

Bitcoin changed our philosophical outlook, the way we see technology, politics, and economics. To celebrate this money revolution, we came up with the world’s longest list of reasons Bitcoin is great. Enjoy it!

Bitcoin is Great Because of How it Works!

  • Predictable money supply
  • Money supply limited to 21 million coins
  • Each coin can be divided into 100 million parts – Satoshis
  • Decentralized
Decentralization Reasons Bitcoin Is Great
Decentralization is probably the most important among all the reasons Bitcoin is great
  • It is the first widely used integrated payment system and a currency 
  • Blockchain
  • Distributed
  • Digital cash – “a version of electronic P2P cash”
  • No intermediaries needed – completely P2P
  • Natively digital – great for the internet era
  • Easy to store 
  • Immutable and transparent – transactions cannot be reversed and everyone can see them
Transparency Reasons Bitcoin Is Great
Not your keys not your coins! A lesson even fiat holders should learn about the banks!
  • Bitcoin is a space based on independent verification. There is always someone interested in exposing any vulnerability possible
  • World-class developers are constantly assessing threats and vulnerabilities to the system and proposing improvements
  • Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared – no personality cult makes it the money of its users
  • We can say that those who claim to be Satoshi, are not the creators of Bitcoin, thanks to Bitcoin itself!
Who has the private keys to Satoshi’s coins? Well, Satoshi of course!
  • Bitcoin has gone through a contentious fork and thrived
  • Users hold miners accountable – and can prevail

Bitcoin Innovation

Money can be stored safely off line in an inconspicuous Bitcoin hardware wallets like this one

Politics & Freedom

  • The first democratized monetary system – run a node and you have a vote
  • A simple majority cannot rule over Bitcoin – to change something you need a wide consensus
  • Promotes individual freedom
Freedom One Of The Reasons Bitcoin Is Great
One of the fundamental reasons Bitcoin is great: Freedom no matter where you live!
  • No one can regulate Bitcoin – people talking about regulation can only regulate the bridges between fiat and Bitcoin
  • It is impossible to stop it; you would need to take all the nodes down simultaneously and those are distributed around the world

Bitcoin: An Island of Censorship Resistance & Relative Privacy

  • Reduces user data gathering efforts in the age of digital money
  • Censorship resistant
  • With coin mixing and a secure connection to the internet, Bitcoin can become the most widely adopted currency that gives its users the greatest possible degree of privacy
Who is behind the wealth? It is harder to know if Bitcoin holders use certain services

Its the Economics, Stupid!

  • Tends to appreciate against fiat
  • Its price has gone up thanks in large part to BTC donations that result in adoption – Bitcoin faucet
Bitcoin and the Austrian School logic!
  • Bitcoin created its own economic niche with products designed exclusively for BTC hodlers
  • It is the enabler of every other cryptocurrency out there, becoming the first successful attempt at native internet money
  • Bitcoin markets are open 24/7/365
  • BTC is in many ways the dream of Austrian School economists – Milton Friedman suggested a similar invention
Buy the dip! The most coherent strategy to accumulate more Bitcoin, and you can do that whenever the price falls; BTC never closes!
  • Its creator – Satoshi – could be nominated for a Nobel Prize in Economics, but since he (they) disappeared, a nomination is not possible
  • It has saved thousands of Venezuelans and people from other countries from hyperinflation
  • BTC prices fluctuate? Bitcoin doesn’t care. It keeps on working as advertised
  • It makes a fool out of financial sector dinosaurs like Peter Schiff, on a daily basis 
  • Bitcoin products can take advantage of the blockchain, allowing consumers to verify the authenticity of the product independently, which helps defeat counterfeiters

Bitcoin Culture

  • The best way to celebrate Bitcoin is eating pizza on May 22nd – Bitcoin Pizza Day
  • A whole culture has developed around Bitcoin with its own slang
  • Even unique stories about BTC emerged. Utopian – or Dystopian – posts , like the Bitcoin Citadel on Reddit, become an intricate part of emerging fiction literature in the space.
Bitcoin art clockwise from left to right: Black Swan – smallest and cheapest piece of art ever produced, sold on the Lightning Network; Limited Edition Constructivist Poster by CryptoRags – authenticated on the blockchain; Bitcoin Babe III by Parum Para – Non-Fungible Token on the Ethereum network
  • This might be the first truly border-less culture  
  • There are various art movements and artists taking advantage of blockchain and Bitcoin culture to produce unique and innovative pieces
  • Artists can “register” their art on the blockchain and people can always verify its uniqueness and authenticity
  • Bitcoin memes are surprisingly clever!

Detractors Become Adopters

  • Bitcoin’s soft power turns detractors into adopters and forces traditional companies to integrate it into their systems – PayPal for example
  • People who didn’t believe in Bitcoin, adopt it once big teh and banks censor them
  • Detractors who refuse to change their mind can never deny BTC’s power in the market
Reasons Bitcoin Is Great
One of the reasons Bitcoin is great: community members promote it because they know increased adoption means greater value!
  • BTC: the little experimental currency that could!
  • No one does Bitcoin better than Bitcoin: those who tried haven’t been successful
  • For all of its flaws, it is still the most dominant cryptocurrency in the market 
  • In the long run all Bitcoin bulls will outlive the Keynesians. BTC is the ultimate bear slayer!
Bitcoin detractors who refuse to understand like Peter Schiff, become the punching bag of the community!

This is the World’s Longest List of Reasons why Bitcoin is Great!

So, there you have it. This is the world’s longest list of reasons why Bitcoin is great, but it is not conclusive. We will keep on adding more reasons as they pop up.

After all, our favorite orange coin is just in its infancy. BTC will add to its accolades and our readers will surely let us know if we have missed something. For the time being, enjoy the world’s longest list of reasons why Bitcoin is great and share it with everyone you know!

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