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In the beginning, there was one game. An iconic game, one that was even accused of being a DDoS attack on a young Bitcoin network. Its name was Satoshi Dice, and it paid out to its winner automatically, based on a randomly generated result.

All that could be verified on the blockchain, but the game did cause some trouble early on. It clogged the network because each bet was a transaction on the blockchain. Now, launched the newest generation of Bitcoin games using the Lightning Network – LN. Its games all rely on lightning quick transactions through that wonderful layer-2 solution. has a Purpose: To Make Lightning Network Games Popular!

lightning network games website offers simple Lightning Network games

Using Lightning Network to power games is not only wonderful when it comes to relieving the blockchain from unnecessary spikes in transactions. It also serves the same kind of purpose that Satoshi Dice served back in the day: to make Lightning Network popular. There is a correlation between the popularity of Satoshi Dice and the quick spread of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange. is using the same principle to encourage Lightning Network use.

What has to Offer

As such, provides a fun way to get acquainted with the Lightning Network – through games – which are also cheap to play. These games also deliver on wins, which help players stack some sats if they are interested in doing so. Here are all the advantages that offers:

  • Provably fair games
  • Original, proprietary games that are fun to play
  • Educational content on how to use Lightning Network
  • Free vouchers for those who are new to Lngames and to Lightning Network

Which Kinds of Games can you Play at

lightning network games website examples
Examples of available games

The icing on the cake, is the entertainment value that you can derive from learning how to work with Lightning Network. The games that offers are creative, fun and relevant to Bitcoin culture. Most games are not your usual spin on a casino classic. At you will be able to play games such as:

  • Flappy Lightning
  • Rebalance LN – which shows you how to rebalance a Lightning Network channel
  • Lightning Killed The Credit Card
  • #WeAreAllHodlonaut
  • Lightning Balls
  • Lightning Memory
  • RGB Slot Machine
  • LN Mini Roulette
  • Where Is Nakamoto
  • Unlock
  • Galton Board
  • Wheel Of Fortune

Follow and Learn About Lightning Network by Playing

Hopefully takes off, not only as a Bitcoin casino and gambling outfit but primarily as an educational platform. The advantages of teaching people about Lightning Network through inexpensive games, are alluring. This concept is worth a try.

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