Guns n’ Bitcoin Is Not The Name Of A Rock Band!

Taking the intermediary out of every single transaction has a cost. This cost is hidden, but recently more people are becoming aware of it, especially after news of a trader being savagely tortured in the Netherlands broke. It should be clear by now that when you are your own bank, then you are responsible for securing your funds. Most people think that a hardware wallet would do the trick but if someone comes into your house, ties you to a chair and starts drilling holes in your body, you will give up your coins in a heartbeat to avoid being tortured. People who own Bitcoin should follow Jameson Lopp’s recommendation to the fullest extent possible: Protect your software with hardware. That includes guns, which is where Guns n’ Bitcoin comes into the picture.

Sprinkle Some Guns on Your Bitcoin!

Guns n’ Bitcoin – GNB – specializes in all the accessories you need for your coins except for the guns themselves. After all, it is illegal to sell guns online around the world without proper licenses. In fact, most countries place heavy restrictions on private citizens who want to buy guns. What you can always buy is all the other hardware you need to secure your coins and keep your guns safe. That is how Guns n’ Bitcoin sprinkles a little guns on your Bitcoin. Scorpion Case holds your hardware wallets, gun and a folding knife

Here are some of the items you will be able to purchase from Guns n’ Bitcoin:

  • A Scorpion Case – which has slots for a standard handgun, up to 3 magazines, your hardware wallet, cables and a knife.
  • The Adjustable Case Lock – much like a bike lock for your Scorpion Case.
  • Two different types of hats with the Guns n’ Bitcoin logo on them, if you want to let the world know what you believe in when you walk out of your house.

Everything Short of the Gun

Even though Guns n’ Bitcoin doesn’t sell the hardware wallets, guns and magazines that you need, it does sell the hardware that keeps your other hardware safe. To buy a hardware wallet for your Bitcoin, and complete step 1 of protecting your software with hardware, click here. If you would like to buy the gun to store in that Scorpion Case and secure your bitcoin like you should, you will have to check how you can do so legally where you live. After all, as much as certain governments, entities and individuals would love to frame us Bitcoin users as crooks, we don’t condone unlawful behavior. What we do need is the kind of protection that no state or government could ever grant us. The lock and the wonderful case that will hold both your gun and your wallet, as well as the other elements you need to protect yourself, you can buy directly from Guns n’ Bitcoin.

Be safe, protect yourself and your coins, and show the world why no one should mess with a serious hodler, when you buy Guns n’ Bitcoin accessories!

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