Bitnodes is More Than Number of Nodes

Bitnodes Working To Assess The Size Of The Bitcoin Network

Have you ever wondered just how big the Bitcoin network is, how it is distributed around the world, which is the most popular client in the network and more? We certainly have asked ourselves these and many other related questions about the Bitcoin network. Through our queries we found a new initiative called Bitnodes that is putting all that data together for you on crisp charts that give you great insights.

Bitnodes Background

Bitnodes was launched in 2019 with the support of – a platform that pays people to answer emails and execute other kinds of online tasks. Bitnodes provides up to date information about the Bitcoin network by pinging nodes with the “getaddr” command. A bitcoin node is a machine that validates transactions and blocks on the bitcoin network.

Bitnodes’ data gathering exercise, allows it to present data to its users across 4 main categories:

  1. Network map and live map
  2. APIs to Bitcoin nodes
  3. Leaderboard charts
  4. Bitcoin client status charts
bitnodes bitcoin node breakdown by country
Bitnodes global bitcoin node distribution by country

Bitnodes UX

To compete with other sites and platforms that are mapping all the aspects of the Bitcoin network, Bitnodes focuses on presenting in-depth data with precision, on neat charts across all 4 categories. Bitnodes’ UX is notorious for allowing users to find what they are looking for quickly and presenting it in a way in which users can understand the story behind every chart without losing site of the story they all tell together.

Mempool and Transaction Volume Analysis

Apart from the Bitcoin nodes distribution maps that the website is famous for, it also allows users to explore:

  • The state of the network including mempool saturation
  • Various rankings including peer index-reviewed, reachable nodes
  • Live maps showing Bitcoin activity as it happens
  • Bitcoin node distribution and concentration in any given country

Additional Advantages

Bitnodes also makes it easier for you to install a full Bitcoin node on your computer. Just click on the link on the main page and your computer will download the software necessary to run the node. This allows users to join the Bitcoin network easily and exercise their full rights as node operators.

Crucial Information

Bitnodes provides crucial information for people in the space, especially traders, who can gain an advantage by interpreting the data correctly. A sudden search in the mempool glut for example, can dampen prospects for Bitcoin. This makes the data that Bitnodes presents extremely useful. If you are looking for a site that can give you extensive, advanced information on Bitcoin so you can assess the state of the Bitcoin and adjust your exposure to Bitcoin, you will find a great tool in Bitnodes. Unless you are highly computer proficient and you can get your data otherwise, Bitnodes is a great option for you to get more advanced information on the Bitcoin network on elegant charts.

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