Bitcoin Twitter Feuds & Why We Don’t Miss Them

Debating ideas is a lost art. We see it in politics, especially with a highly charged US election coming up. The Bitcoin sphere is not immune to this toxicity. We thought we were done with ugly Bitcoin Twitter feuds after the UASF. But this week we saw that BTC proponents are also capable of being unnecessarily harsh on those they disagree with.

A Bitcoin Twitter Feud Gone Bad

Bitcoin Twitter feuds were of course, very prominent around the months leading up to the UASF – User Activated Soft Fork. The fork fractured the Bitcoin community and it resulted in the creation of several BTC forks that have not succeeded in unseating the mother of all cryptocurrencies.

Occam’s razor applied to Bitcoin price?

We never thought we would see a back and forth like the one we saw this week once UASF Bitcoin Twitter feuds died down. This week, however, we saw 2 prominent Twitter accounts going at each other, personally. Here is a summary of what happened:

  • @coryklippsten and @100trillionUSD – also known as PlanB – were involved in this Bitcoin Twitter feud
  • The issue at the core was @100trillionUSD’s BTC stock-to-flow – S2F – model
  • PlanB is an anonymous account
  • Cory Swan₿ Bitcoin Wingman Honeybee – @coryklippsten – came out against PlanB’s S2F model
  • Other accounts chimed in, claiming that PlanB is a misleading account because people assume the person handling it is an experienced technical analyst
  • It turns out that PlanB is younger than many would think – although age shouldn’t be a factor in this discussion at all
  • So, @coryklippsten added a tweet talking about PlanB’s age, with personal details that PlanB has not disclosed publicly
Someone should take this argument a little further without the personal attacks

BTC Twitter Exchanges Should be About Ideas

This is exactly where it all went wrong. The discussion between PlanB and @coryklippsten descended into an ad hominem sludge fest with a sprinkle of doxxing.

Bitcoin Twitter feuds often escalate. PlanB rightfully called the doxxing out, but was the poll necessary?

@coryklippsten should have:

  • Stuck to his criticism of the S2F model
  • Provided more in-depth arguments about the flaws of the model itself
  • Refrained from commenting on PlanB’s perceived age, expertise, or employment situation
PlanB understands the limitations of his S2F model.

Unlike UASF Bitcoin Twitter Feuds, This One Deescalated Quickly

Fortunately, this feud deescalated pretty quickly. We must also point out that unlike UASF Bitcoin Twitter feuds, this one ended with @coryklippsten admitting that he shouldn’t have disclosed personal information about PlanB.

@coryklippsten also:

  • Apologized through Twitter for the ad hominems
  • Kept all the tweets – from what we can see @coryklippsten didn’t delete any tweets related to his exchange with PlanB
  • Stuck to his core argument – @coryklippsten basically believes that BTC should be understood as an asset with limited supply and growing demand, period!

PlanB Stuck to his Core Argument!

For his part, PlanB also stuck to his core argument. He denounced the attempted doxxing but didn’t change his mind about his work. PlanB sustains that models are wrong but useful.

Bitcoin Twitter feuds
Let’s leave all the Twitter beef behind. Make Bitcoin Twitter feuds intellectual again!

Please Keep Ad Hominems Out of Bitcoin Twitter Feuds

It would be wonderful to see more people jump in and debate the ideas. Unfortunately, this exchange died down after it got personal. That is exactly the reason why we should strive to keep ad hominems out of Bitcoin Twitter feuds.

If we want to show the world why BTC is better money, or a better store of value, we must get back to the art of being hard on the problem and soft on the people. Let’s debate the merit of the ideas instead of bringing the toxicity of the polarized societies we seek to enhance, into the Bitcoin sphere with us.  

It is time for us to ₿e the change we want to see in this world in every regard.

Follow PlanB and Cory Swan₿ Bitcoin Wingman Honeybee to see if their discussion goes any further.

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