2020 Election Cycle Vindicates Censorship-Resistant Bitcoin

Twitter showed us yesterday how big tech censorship could have a devastating effect on everyone. Kayleigh McEnany’s account was suspended yesterday. This is a game changer. Think about it, if the Press Secretary of the US is vulnerable, then how about you? Well, if you use censorship-resistant Bitcoin, a little less so.

Social Media Censorship Hits Home

This is a wake-up call to all the nocoiners out there. What happened yesterday on Twitter, can happen to you when you start using Libra – that abomination of a currency that Facebook cooked up – or even at your bank.

Censorship-Resistant Bitcoin Hedge
Social media is watching, your bank might be acting. Censorship-resistant Bitcoin is the only hedge!

Think about the following:

  • Your identity is tied to your social media accounts
  • Say something the establishment doesn’t like, and they can escalate further, blocking your credit card
  • It gets worse as more people live and breathe through social media, and depend on the products these companies develop for their users – or addicts
  • Combine this with a push to ban cash and you will soon be living in the worst version of every dystopia you ever read about

This is not fiction. It is happening right now! Big tech is putting its huge thumb on the scale to steer the elections their way to get exactly what they want. The only way out is censorship-resistant Bitcoin and all the tech it will breed.

Twitter Censors US Press Secretary

But before we go deeper into this conundrum, you should know what happened:

  • The New York Post exposed a trove of emails from Hunter Biden’s computer
  • Hunter is Joe Biden’s son
  • In case you don’t know, Joe Biden is the presidential candidate for the Democrats, running against Trump in the 2020 election
  • These emails apparently point to a series of corrupt deals in which Hunter allegedly sold access to his father Joe Biden, while he was the vice president of the US
  • Kayleigh McEnany used her personal account to share the New York Post article
  • Twitter proceeded to lock her account
  • When McEnany’s account was enabled later, the tweet was removed
  • Facebook, for its part, proceeded to limit the distribution of the article, pending review from “third parties”
Freedom of the press? Only on a decentralized, censorship-resistant platform!

Censorship Extends to Money

One can only speculate about the motivation behind big tech’s move to favor the Democratic party. What is clear is that censorship is like cancer spreading through society, depriving us of our most basic freedoms.

The government is to a certain extent, part and parcel of the movement to censor us. Laws about the use of money together with a push to rid society of cash and digitize our transactions while they keep them centralized, will open the door for the cruelest form of censorship.

Have you ever been censored or banned? Try censorship-resistant Bitcoin!

Imagine how baffling it might be to log into Twitter or Facebook just to find a message saying your account was locked because the content you shared violated some policy.

Now imagine how devastating it would be to go to the grocery shop after cash is eliminated, and finding out that your bank account was frozen for expressing your opinion.

Censorship-Resistant Bitcoin to the Rescue!

This can happen. In fact, Alex Jones, the (in)famous conspiracy theorist – and Bitcoin detractor turned believer – had something similar happen to him. PayPal blocked his account for “promoting hate or discriminatory intolerance.”

Not even the first amendment could save Alex Jones, which is why he supports BTC now. There is no government, constitution, law, or centralized authority that can give you what censorship-resistant Bitcoin can.

Bitcoin cannot ban you like PayPal and other financial institutions

No Selective Banning on Censorship-Resistant Bitcoin Network

Bitcoin doesn’t care who you are, what you are doing, why you are transacting, how you got the money or where you are. The censorship-resistant Bitcoin network just allows you to transact as long as you comply with network rules.

These rules are not applied selectively – which is something that Twitter, Facebook and other social media giants cannot say. This is probably why Wikileaks and others who have been banned from the fiat network, recurred to censorship-resistant Bitcoin to finance themselves.

Use Censorship-Resistant Bitcoin
Do yourself a favor: Use a censorship-resistant platform like Bitcoin!

Time for Censorship-Resistant Bitcoin to Breed the Next Microblogging Platform?

Hopefully, we can get a true censorship-resistant social media buster soon. In the meantime, it is important that nocoiners understand the virtues of censorship-resistant Bitcoin.

If you value your freedom of speech, buy Bitcoin, hodl it, transact with it, and build a hedge to fiat censorship before it is too late.

But if you are not going to buy and use Bitcoin, at least recognize the hypocrisy of the system and how social media censorship can extend to financial services. Defend cash at least.

This is not a partisan plea at all. Understand that censorship is one of the worst enemies of freedom no matter who you are, and act now!

*Twitter had no issue with exposes from a myriad of media sources even when the material they were based on was obtained by dubious methods. WikiLeaks, Snowden, and other whistle blowers still operate freely on this platform.