MyNode BTC: A Fairly Priced Device For People Who Want To Run A Bitcoin Or Lightning Node

Within a growing field of competing Bitcoin and Lightning node services, MyNodeBTC stands out. This company focuses on flexibility, offering a wide range of Bitcoin node software and hardware products that suit Bitcoin enthusiasts all over the spectrum.

MyNode BTC Device
The MyNode BTC device.

Whether you want a full Bitcoin node complete with hardware and an external hard drive, or you prefer to just take the software and run the node on your own Raspberry Pi, MyNodeBTC has a solution available for you. Here is a short review of their services and products.

MyNode BTC Bitcoin Node Options

MyNodeBTC has basically 3 different node options you can choose from to run a Bitcoin or Lightning node with their software or hardware. Each option can be customized to a degree, to better fit your needs. MyNodeBTC options are:

  • Community Edition
  • Premium
  • One
The MyNode BTC Device plugged in!

These options range from software to a full node mounted on hardware that you can purchase with the blockchain pre-loaded on the device. All the options support both Bitcoin nodes and Lightning nodes.

MyNode Community Edition

Exploring each option will reveal which kind of node will best suit your needs. The MyNode Community Edition is the free, open source option for people who would like to run a Bitcoin or Lightning node. It offers the following features:

  • Full Bitcoin node and Lightning wallet
  • Simple UI and web interface
  • Bitcoin explorer
  • Electrum server
  • Ride the Lightning
  • LND admin
  • LND hub
  • Bitcoin CLI
  • QuickSync for Bitcoin blockchain
  • LND connect to generate QR codes for connecting wallets
  • LN channel backup
  • Tor

This MyNodeBTC product works on the Rock64 device, on Raspberry Pi 3B+ and 4B+. The software is readily available for you to download from and start running your node on a supported device immediately.

MyNode Premium

The premium option is an upgrade for the MyNode Community Edition basically. It runs on the same devices and will give you access to the following additional features:

  • Premium Support
  • One Click Upgrades

The premium version costs $99 USD.

MyNode One

This is the option that comes with the dedicated device to run your Bitcoin or Lightning node on. The device will run with premium software. MyNode One includes the following:

  • Rock64 device
  • Aluminum case
  • Power supply
  • SD card

You can purchase a device and also add a 1TB device to your order. This option allows you to get the blockchain pre-loaded on the device, saving you data on your internet plan and sync time.

The difference in price between this device without the external hard drive and the one with the external hard drive is just $80 USD. The external hard drive is fairly priced.

A MyNode One without the external device costs $199 USD and the one with the external hard drive costs $279 USD.

Pricing Sweet Spot

Judging by the prices, MyNodeBTC products are highly competitive. These prices are at the low end to mid-end of the spectrum when it comes to competitors such as Casa and Nodl.

MyNodeBTC definitely offers great options for anyone who wants to run a full Bitcoin or Lightning node without the need for sophisticated technical skills.