Bitcoin Merchandise

CryptoArt: Making Bitcoin Merchandise More Special One Art Piece At A Time

Just as Bitcoin has become more sophisticated over the years, so has the economy around it. CryptoArt has found a way to evolve with the space and produce more amazing art designed for the space.

We have been following CryptoArt’s designs for a few years now, and we have seen just how powerful their imagery is and how useful a well-designed integrated wallet can be on those paintings.

Elevating Art to a New Level of Functionality

Those wallets that come with CryptoArt’s pieces are extremely powerful. They allow users to store their Bitcoin or crypto on the piece of art. The coins remain hidden in plain sight while the art captivates the observer.

Collaboration with Artists

Cryptoart sold out edition 21 million club
One of the sold out editions – 21 Million Club

To do this, CryptoArt integrated secure paper wallets protected by holograms in carefully crafted paintings. These paintings come from 6 different artists who designed some blatantly Bitcoin-related images. There are some of these paintings that do not highlight the Bitcoin component at all, which are great for those users who are looking for a way to store their coins safely and inconspicuously.

Bitcoin Collectibles

For those who are not looking at the functionality of the piece of art but rather at the cultural value, some of these pieces represent an opportunity to buy pieces that could become Bitcoin collectibles. As CryptoArt adds more artists, some of the paintings from previous years will inevitably become more coveted for collectors.

Giving your house a Bitcoin artwork touch can also become a profitable investment. This investment could be doubly beneficial. Apart from the cold storage component of the artwork, the collectible nature of some of these pieces will allow users to profit from Bitcoin prices going up as well as by the value of the painting increasing, as it becomes a rare item.

CryptoArt: Paper in a Digital Era

Cryptoart Bitcoin art examples
Cryptoart gallery showing different available Bitcoin art pieces

Appreciation of artwork could be a very powerful tool for those who wish to use CryptoArt to store Bitcoin safely. It can also prove to be quite a profitable investment if any given piece becomes a collectible. Above everything else, CryptoArt shows us how important old tech is to support new tech. Cold storage is one of the safest – if not the safest – method to store your private keys. CryptoArt takes advantage of this low-tech feature in an exquisite manner to make sure that Bitcoin users always have their coins secured while the device these coins are stored in lighten the user’s house.

List of CryptoArt Artists:

  • Alix Branwyn
  • Christina Hess
  • Alexander Fedosov
  • Two Dots
  • Nina Y.
  • Mitchell Nolte
  • And new artists being added

Make sure you look at the sold-out editions to spot the pieces that are most likely to become Bitcoin collectibles. Other than that, we recommend that you read the instructions on how to use CryptoArt before you order any. Paper wallets are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they are extremely safe and now also aesthetically pleasing.

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