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Bitcoin & The Invisible Son: Raw, Compelling & Empowering

Sometimes when you are passionate about a topic and you write, you get too emotional. Often, the result is a text that you care about too much to be objective about. Although you think you communicated clearly, readers feel otherwise.  

Writing a review about The Invisible Son feels that way exactly. The story of a Syrian refugee turned tech entrepreneur and Bitcoin advocate evokes overwhelming emotions. Especially if that invisible son is Tey Elrjula

This auto-biographic story is raw, compelling and empowering. One can only imagine how the author could keep his emotions in check to convey the message as clearly as he did.

A Refugee: The Story of Success Despite Insurmountable Obstacles, & Bitcoin

Tey Elrjula takes us through his journey as The Invisible Son with graphic detail. From his childhood until the moment he established himself and blossomed as an entrepreneur. 

The details of his journey will take you through several countries, across a variety of conflicts within a rich cultural tapestry that cannot be understood through what we see in the media.

Above all, The Invisible Son shows us how sheer power of will can pull people through some of the most dire situations. The Bitcoin angle in this book and in Tey’s life is extremely important.

Bitcoin is an Incredible Tool!

Will power along with the proper tools, multiply the impact a single person can have. The book gives real life examples about how Bitcoin solves problems that people might not even realize they have.

Problems that affect those who, through no fault of their own, must worry about the most essential needs constantly.

The Invisible Son Overcomes

So, if you ever asked yourself how difficult is it to grow up as a child in a war zone? What does it feel like to be a child refugee, uprooted without even comprehending the ramifications of the situation?

Where do these children go, how they grow up and what allows them to finally find freedom, externally and internally? The Invisible Son is a must read.

Tey touches upon all these subjects in The Invisible Son and he tells us how and why he managed to succeed. He also tells us about the important role that Bitcoin played in his success as an award-winning entrepreneur who was invisible.

Turning Disadvantages into Advantages

Tey’s story also transcends the boundaries of simple curiosity. It can become a template for many others who have had to flee, even more than once. At a personal level, it is a book that will impact every reader, encouraging them to overcome biases and embrace the empowerment that Bitcoin offers.

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