Bitcoin Micro Payments Are A Huge Black Swan and Art

Every one Dollar bill is a potential work of art. Cryptograffiti brilliantly elevated that potential to iconic levels.

This artist turned a $1 USD bill into a miniature black swan. With a brilliant statement that is barely bigger than a stamp,

Cryptograffiti shifts the focus towards the revolutionary nature of technological advancement in the cryptocurrency space.

This black swan could well become the most influential piece of crypto art in 2019.

It highlights the use of the Lightning Network – LN. Micro payments are a black swan in and of themselves, worthy of the importance that price-obsessed commentary is robbing Bitcoin of.

That is precisely the seed from which a tiny piece of art made out of fiat, bloomed.

You can’t Ignore this Black Swan

cryptograffiti bitcoin logo

With a sale price of $0.000000037 USD, Cryptograffiti managed to establish a record for the cheapest piece of art ever sold.

The artist made a huge statement turning a $1 USD bill into a Bitcoin work of art and then selling it over the Lightning Network for less than anyone could pay for if they were using fiat.

Here is why this is such an iconic moment for Bitcoin and why no one should ignore this black swan:

  • With a sale price so low, no one would have been able to buy this with fiat
  • The value placed on that black swan is hundreds of thousands of times inferior to the face value of the bill that Cryptograffiti used
  • Cryptograffiti used a black swan to promote another technological black swan: the Lightning Network
black swan art by cryptograffiti
The Black Swan piece by

For the Love of Black Swans, Micro Payments, Lightning Network, and Bitcoin

If the artist’s statement, and the level of sophistication with which he delivered it are not enough, you can take a look at the video detailing how the black swan was produced:

On a frame that is roughly the same size as a passport picture, this micro piece of art should allow the technological prowess of Bitcoin and Lightning Network to sink in.

Producing a carefully crafted miniature black swan out of a $1 USD bill is as possible as making a $0.000000037 payment to buy it.

Both defy the paradigms on which our world is built.

lightning network invoice for the black swan
The LN invoice for the Black Swan

Beyond BTC Prices

Paradigms are indeed shifting. The revolutionary nature of Bitcoin and LN go well beyond popular focus on price. It is increasingly difficult to ignore the change or resist its significance.

Let that message blink in the back of your mind every time you check BTC prices, which we hope is as often as you watch that video of Cryptograffiti flipping the status quo on its head.