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Floating Man Festival: Liberland’s Version Of A National Party

Freedom lovers unite! Under the banner of Liberland, the freest nation-state project in the history of humankind, you will be able to celebrate freedom.

Fly in for Floating Man, the music festival that promotes freedom, self-reliance and high regard for the environment. Experience what the best artists in Liberland have to offer at this nation’s international airport in the Balkans. Here is everything you need to know about this festival and how you can participate or join the celebration.

If you Heard About Burning Man, Floating Man is the Next Big Thing!

Floating man Liberland music festival
The libertarian music festival hosted by Liberland

There is no doubt that Burning Man’s DNA is all over Liberland’s Floating Man. There are specific Burning Man rules that are part of the philosophy of the Floating Man festival. Its organizers have also said that they are applying what they learned at Burning Man to this new festival, which will take place in the Balkans. Here are some more details about Floating Man:

  • It will take place at Bački Monoštor, Serbia, right across from where Liberland claims its sovereign territory, on the Eastern banks of the Danube
  • The festival will begin on August 13th, 2020 and end on August 15th, just in time for people to catch a flight to Burning Man
  • Entrance fees are currently priced at $10 per ticket – which can go up
  • You can pay for your tickets via PayPal, wire transfer, Bitcoin payment, Merit payment, Bitcoin Cash payment or Ethereum Payment
  • The fees include parking, a tent place and festival entry
  • Volunteers and performers can get a discount on their entrance fees
  • Floating Man needs artists to perform, medics, security, clean up crews and people who will volunteer to put it together and take it apart

Political Aspects of Floating Man

Floating Man offers to have mosquitoes, mud and all the niceties of being in contact with nature, just like Burning Man. Where it differs is in its goal and its purpose. While Burning Man started out as an artist-led festival to promote expression, Floating Man was designed with politics in mind. Therefore, political discussion, as well as support for freedom, the use of cryptocurrency and the birth of Liberland will be the dominant themes.

How do you Get There?

If you are crazy about Bitcoin like we are, you might want to check this festival out. The problem is that you will have to understand how to get there. The organizers have listed the coordinates of an airfield in Serbia. Apparently, you will have to figure out ho to get there. Maybe they will give us all more detailed indications about how to get there, but in the meantime, you can contact the organizers and ask them.

Apart from that, it would be prudent to warn against attempting to cross the Danube into Liberland itself. The Croatian authorities are bound to be vigilant and they haven’t been keen on allowing anyone to enter Liberland. So, if you are up for some adventure and would like to meet some like-minded people, you should definitely consider Floating Man.

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