Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, and then there was an alternative in a world dominated by the old order. But who is this individual?

Is he an individual or is he a pseudonymous character created by a group of cypherpunks to launch Bitcoin?

Is Satoshi even a “he”? The answer is that no one knows, except for Satoshi, of course.

Some of the Theories Behind the Identity of Satoshi Nakamoto

Nonetheless, we keep trying to figure out who Satoshi Nakamoto really is.

Here are a few possibilities, including some of the wilder ideas about who he might be and some of the most outrageous claims:

craig wright csw is not satoshi nakamoto

Craig S. Wright – Better known as CSW. Wright is an Australian entrepreneur who has claimed that he is Satoshi repeatedly. He even managed to make Gavin Andresen believe his claim. He has since moved on to create Bitcoin SV, claim intellectual rights over Bitcoin’s white paper and launch a string of lawsuits against people who questioned that he is Satoshi.

jorg molt is not satoshi nakamoto

Jorg Molt – One of the most notoriously questionable claimants to Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity. Molt has been accused of being a scammer and his Twitter account has been closed. His claim cannot be taken seriously.

dorian nakamoto creator of bitcoin

Dorian Nakamoto – A professor who lives in California and has worked for the government in various instances. Professor Nakamoto is alleged to have the knowledge necessary to develop something like Bitcoin, but he denies it and has even hired a lawyer to clear his name.

was hal finney satoshi nakamoto

Hal Finney – One of the least controversial suggestions for who Satoshi Nakamoto really is. Finney was a cryptographer and a cypherpunk who had contact with Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

nick szabo satoshi nakamoto

Nick Szabo – A lawyer, entrepreneur and cypherpunk who launched Bitgold, a precursor to Bitcoin. Many believe that Szabo is Satoshi, which wouldn’t be too far-fetched. Nevertheless, he has always denied it.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories around the true identity of Satoshi, from the NSA to foreign governments and known criminals. Tell us your theories on Twitter – we’d love to hear!

Satoshi Nakamoto Stepped Away for the Sake of Bitcoin

His identity notwithstanding, we do know a few things about Satoshi Nakamoto:

who invented Bitcoin
  • He communicated with a few cypherpunks like Hal Finney and Gavin Andresen – who took it upon himself to lead important processes in the development of Bitcoin
  • Satoshi also told us how to use Bitcoin safely and made many other suggestions
  • We know that Nakamoto holds a significant amount of Bitcoin
  • From Satoshi’s last message to Andresen we can also infer that he understood Bitcoin as a project that had to be larger than its creator

This is probably the reason why Satoshi Nakamoto left.

Bitcoin is better off if it is understood as an open source project that is inclusive and doesn’t follow the will of a single person.

Given this and the fact that Satoshi might have powerful enemies, it is easy to understand why he decided to stay anonymous.

We Are All Satoshi Nakamoto!

Although many of these theories about the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto cannot be proven, somehow people keep on wondering.

The identity of Bitcoin’s creator captured our imagination as much as his invention captivated us. But maybe it is time for us to approach this issue more rationally.

If we are happy with the invention, who cares about the identity of the inventor?

No one knows who invented the wheel, the lever or fire. We still built civilizations based on those inventions and we keep on enjoying them and improving them today.

That is the true spirit of Bitcoin, and exactly what Satoshi wanted us to embrace.

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