Stacking Sats

#StackingSats has become a tag on Twitter and a recognized catch phrase amongst hardcore bitcoin hodlers. It’s a culture. It’s an attitude. It’s you taking care of your future!

What does Stacking Sats mean?

The act of stacking sats refers to accumulating “satoshis”, the base unit of bitcoin, on an ongoing basis.

But buying bitcoin is not the only way to stack sats. We’ve included some links below to some of our favorite methods for stacking sats. Have a look and get your hodl on today!

The Easiest (and cheapest) Way

Get 3% – 9% cashback in Bitcoin for shopping at stores you already use! Including Groupon, Adidas,, GAP and more. Read our full Lolli Bitcoin app review. It’s simple:

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The 8 Best Ways to Stack Sats

honeyminer logo

HoneyMiner: Honeyminer lets you use your computer to mine for bitcoin. Download the application and set it up and Honeyminer takes care of the rest. All the satoshis that you stack will be sent to your wallet. There is no technical knowledge required and these guys take care of everything and send you your sats.

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lolli logo stacking sats

Lolli: Lolli rewards you for shopping online at your favorite stores. But unlike other rewards programs Lolli pays you in bitcoin! So earn some satoshis while you shop for other things. Just install the browser extension and you’re ready to go. They also have a rewards program if you invite friends.

Visit now >> logo stacking sats Tippin is a lightning-based tip jar. Designed for easy use, you can send and receive bitcoin tips from users on social media. Signup is one-click through twitter and all you need is the browser extension to start tippin away! Add your link to your social profiles and let people show you the love in satoshis.

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coinmama logo stacking sats

CoinMama: Coinmama is one of the most trusted and established places to buy bitcoin and other cryptos. You can buy directly with your credit card and they offer one of the most competitive exchange rates you’ll find anywhere. So go to Coinmama once a month, once a week and turn that Fiat into real money!

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changelly logo stacking sats

Changelly: Changelly also lets you buy bitcoin using your credit card. They accept all countries and also offer an instant change service into 100s of other coins and tokens. There’s a reason these guys are regarded as industry leaders when it comes to buying crypto.

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binance logo stacking sats

Binance: Trading online isn’t for everyone but if you’re good at it it’s a great to earn some bitcoin. Never risk more than you can afford to lose. Binance is the Cadillac of exchanges. Every serious crypto trader should have an account here.

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hitbtc logo stacking sats

HitBTC: If you’re into trading and altcoins then HitBTC is where you should be. Good UI, tons of alts and good liquidity make this the perfect platform to turn some altcoin movements into some serious BTC

Visit HitBTC now >> review Gambling may not be your thing but it is one of the most popular ways of earning bitcoins. Please remember it is gambling, so losing is just as easy as winning. But if you win.. accepts players from all around the world, with tons of games and great customer service plus 10 free spins for new players

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It’s a good #stackingsats day when you earn more #bitcoin than you spend.

— max hillebrand [⚡️₿ lex rex ₿🔑] (@HillebrandMax) August 13, 2019

Hodlers that believe in the future performance of bitcoin price are trying to accumulate as much as possible today to enjoy the benefits tomorrow. In many cases this involves dollar cost averaging in, or buying with a set amount of Fiat currency on a regular basis. They key concept here is that every satoshi counts! Bitcoin is so early and people often forget that each coin is divisible into 100 million pieces, so the logic here is to get as many pieces as possible on a regular basis and reap the rewards of hodling years down the road.

Whichever way you choose to get your stack on and save up those satoshis, enjoy and be careful. And remember that once you earn them, it’s time to Hodl Hard!

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