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The advent of Bitcoin, the first P2P form of electronic cash for the internet era, created a whole new exciting industry. BTC allowed our imagination to fly and create wonderful products and services. As long time Bitcoin enthusiasts, we decided to set this website up and put all these wonderful Bitcoin and cryptocurrency related products together in a single place for you.

We decided to do this because we have noticed that there is space to launch a comprehensive portal for everything that is cool about Bitcoin and crypto. We also know that there is still a lot more to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency products and services than what meets the eye. When we started looking for product and services a few years ago, there was even less information available. Now we can put all the information we get, together on a single portal so you can get everything you need to know about exciting new Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gadgets, art, and more.

Our coverage will be as comprehensive as possible. You will be able to take a ride through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, while you look at them through a prism of cutting-edge technology applied to the things you like the most. As you do so, we will share all our tips and every lesson we have learned about these innovative products and services.

All our reviews and recommendations will be based completely on our personal experience. In some cases, we will earn a small commission from our reviews, which will help us keep this website running to keep on bringing you the latest, coolest stuff that has to do with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. You can rest assured that we will not recommend any service or product that we ourselves wouldn’t use.

Hopefully you will find our website useful, and you will be able to enjoy everything that makes Bitcoin one of the most fantastic inventions we have ever seen.

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